Gallery of Fractals, Chaos and Symmetry

5k Photos of Chaos, Fractals and Symmetry:
· Chaos & Fractals
· Frieze Patterns
· Planar Patterns
· Multiple Symmetry
· Reflections
· Space Symmetry
Visualizing Automata
· Local Cellular Models for Growth on the Hexagonal Lattice and Quasicrystals
· Automata with Hexagonal symmetry
· Fuzzy 1-D automata
· Color rendering of the Game of Life
· Classic Boolean automata
Chaotic attractors with various symmetries
· Quasicrytalline structure
· Animations of 3-D crystalline symmetry
· Exhibit from APL99
· Evolving Planar symmetry
· Exhibit from APL97
4k Fractals from numeric and symbolic words
· Inner Product Fractals from Fuzzy Logics
· Sierpinski Word Fractals
· Generalized Inner Product Fractals
Complex dynamics
· 3x+1 Dynamics
· Newton's method on Fractional powers
· Elliptic curves
· Rayleigh Quotient iteration
· Newton's method on systems
Exhibits of Visual Projects
· APL99
· APL97
· Contours of the Mind (1994)
· Atlas of Quasicrystalline Tilings
· Voronoi Tilings via Raster Techniques
· Deformed and Defective Tilings
Other Galleries
· Fractal Terrains
· Steepest Descent
· Harmonics
· Miscellaneous

Cliff's J materials (Most of the computer generated images in these Galleries were created with J.)
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