Cliff's 2018 Garden Blog

Marilyn and Cliff have gardens at home (H) and in New Russia, NY (NR) and also a triple plot in the Lafayette College Community Organic Garden (OG). They enjoyed sizable organic gardens in the 80s and have kept small gardens annually but appreciate the fun and good food the [Lafayette Organic Gardening] [Cliff's 2017 Garden Blog] [Cliff's 2016 Garden Blog] [Cliff's 2015 Garden Blog] [Cliff's 2014 Garden Blog] [Cliff's 2013 Garden Blog] [Cliff's 2012 Garden Blog] [Cliff's 2011 Garden Blog]

December 31

Pruned grapes in NR. Froze garlic and Potatoes.

December 24

Weeded at OG. Pruned grapes. Froze garlic.

December 22

Dug carrots at OG. Weeded. Froze garlic, potatoes and onions.

November 4

Harvested beets, brussel sprouts, raspberries and a tad of kale in NR. Garden cleanup. Froze small pumpkins.

November 3

Harvested beets at OG. Clean up.

October 24

Harvested sweet potatoes and dried beans at OG. Clean up.

October 22

Harvested peppers and sweet potatoes at OG.

October 21

Harvested spinach, broccoli, kale, cranberries, dried beans, beets, brussel sprouts, snap peas in NR. Covered cranberries and spinach with straw. Clean up at OG. Harvested beets, carrots and dried beans. Froze pumpkin NR & H.

October 20

Harvested spinach, raspberries in NR. Planted Yugoslavian and White Germain garlic. Transplanted painted daisies and blueberry shoots.

October 19

Gathered volunteer painted daisies at OG.

October 18

Harvested beets, carrots, peppers, celery and eggplant in OG. Cleanup.

October 15

Harvested kale, beets and spinach in NR.

October 14

Harvested dried beans and celery in OG.

October 13

Harvested cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, raspberries, beans, last summer squash, lettuce, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, snap peas in NR. Lots of clean up.

October 11

Harvested cherry tomatoes, raspberries, pinto beans, beets, carrots, cauliflower, and peppers in OG. Some clean up.

October 7

Harvested tomatoes and snap peas in NR. Started a sauerkraut crock.

October 6

Harveste wax beans, raspberries, beets and potatoes in NR. Painted tree trucks white.

October 4

Garden cleanup and sprayed copper soap. Harvested peppers and pinto beans.

October 3

Lunched on raspberries and grapes at OG. Garden cleanup. Harvested pinto beans, brussel sprouts, and camomile.

October 2

Harvested raspberries, mini watermelons in OG. Garden cleanup. Pinto beans look to be rotting.

September 30

Sprayed nematodes in NR. Planted Metechi, Germain Red, Music, Siberian and Bogatyr garlic. Harvested raspberries, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green beans, dried beans, summer squash, cucumbers, broccoli, kale in NR. Garden cleanup.

September 29

Canned sauerkraut. Harvested raspberries & spinach in NR. Harvested rasberries and lettuce in OG.

September 27

Clean up in OG. Harvested tomatoes.

September 26

Weeded in OG. Picked peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.

September 23

Weeded in NR. Harvested tomatoes, pumpkins, melons, watermelon, spinach, kale, broccoli, and lettuce.

September 22

Weeded in OG. Harvested potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, spinach, andgreen beans in NR.

September 19

Weeded in OG. Harvested tomatoes, raspberries and brussel sprouts. Sprayed BT.

September 18

Drying apple slices.

September 17

Weeded in OG. Harvested peppers, grapes, raspberries and an eggplant.

September 16

Froze melon. Harvested string beans, cherry tomatoes, apples, broccoli, squash, cucumbers and spinach in NR. Weeded in OG. Harvested basil galore and celery.

September 15

Weeded at OG. Harvested pumpkin. Canned sauerkraut.

September 13

Canned grape juice twice.

September 12

Harvested grapes in OG.

September 11

Drying apples.

September 10

Harvested spinach and concord grapes in NR. Froze cherry tomatoes.

September 9

Harvested cantaloupe, tomatoes, apples, lettuce, green beans and dried beans in NR. Dug potatoes. Froze roasted squash.

September 8

Weeded at H. Harvested cantalopes, squash, cucumbers in NR. Dug potatoes. Froze cantaloupe and watermelon.

September 7

Canned grape juice.

September 5

Harvested grapes (9+gal) and a watermelon in OG.

September 4

Weeded at OG.

September 2

Weeded in NR. Harvested plums, grapes, (17lbs) potatoes. Started sauerkraut in %L and 10 L crocks.

September 1

Weeded in NR. Harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, string beans, plums, cantaloupe, (80lbs) potatoes and kidney & black beans. Canned 24 pints of sauerkraut. Dried plums.

August 31

Weeded at OG. Harvested beets and carrots.

August 30

Weeded at OG. Harvested cabbage.

August 29

Weeded at OG. Harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and a few raspberries.

August 28

Juiced and cannned Marquette grapse.

August 27

Harvested a couple watermelons and cataloupe at OG.

August 26

Harvested beans, cucumbers, squash, spinach, beet greens, and plums in NR.

August 25

Harvested marquette grapes, potatoes and tomatoes in NR. Froze melons and green beans.

August 24

Harvested beans, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, plums, apples and tomatoes in NR.

August 22

Harvested cantaloupe and watermelon, beets, corn, carrots, celery in OG. Weeded.

August 21

Harvested cantaloupe and watermelon, cucumbers, beets, corn, eggplant, peppers in OG. Moved 2 yards of mushroom soil to OG.

August 19

Harvested potatoes (38 lbs), tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, string beans, a few plums and a couple apples. Sprayed a tiny bit of copper soap. Froze roasted squash, watermelon, string beans.

August 18

Cleanup/weeded at OG. Froze melons.

August 17

Cleanup/weeded at OG. Harvested basil, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower. Froze watermelon and corn. Harvested cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, basil, and cabbage in NR. Started a 10L crock of sauerkraut.

August 16

Harvested 3 plums (not ripe yet). Froze melons.

August 15

Harvested melons, tomatoes, corn, squash and cucumbers. (included a 22.8 watermelon and 8.5 cabanzza melon) Froze melons.

August 14

Harvested broccoli in NR. Froze broccoli. Harvested string beans. Froze string beans.

August 13

Harvested blueberries, beets and broccoli in NR.

August 12

Harvested cucumbers, summer squash, string beans, onions in NR. Trimmed siberian garlic. Froze string beans and squash.

August 9

Harvested melons, tomatoes, peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and squash at OG. Froze cherry tomatoes.

August 8

Weeded at OG sprayed copper soap & BT. Harvested corn. Froze corn (~80 ears harvested so far)

August 7

Harvested 3 melons, tomatoes, peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and squash at OG.

August 6

Harvested blueberries, raspberries, in NR. Froze basil. Harvested tomatoes at H.

August 5

Harvested string beans, basil, tomatoes, summer squash in NR. Cleaned garlic. Canned 5 qts of tomatoes. Froze string beans, broccoli and cauliflower.

August 4

Harvested cucumbers in NR. Planted sugar snap peas. Started Sauerkraut in 5L and 10L crocks. Added 1.5c Maple syrup to 5L crock of pickled cucumbers. Canned 5 (1.5 pt) & 4 pts of pickles. Canned 7 qts of tomatoes.

August 3

Harvested cucumbers, string beans, blueberries, peas, raspberries, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes in NR. Froze grilled squash, squash, string beans, and corn. Gave away cucumbers and squash.

August 2

Harvested corn, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, peppers, eggplant in OG. Put down fabric on old starwberry beds. Harvest green peaches at H (trying to keep something from the squirrels).

August 1

Weeded at OG. Harvested onions. Planted lettuce and 2 beds of spinach. Harvested tomatoes. Canned tomatoes.

July 31

Weeded at OG. Harvested tomatoes, corn and thyme. Canned tomatoes.

July 30

Weeded at OG. Harvested tomatoes and picked off diseased leaves. Harvested squash and cucumbers.

July 29

Weeded at OG. Harvested tomatoes and picked off diseased leaves. Canned tomatoes.

July 28

Sprayed Bee Safe 3-1 at OG. Harvested tomato, minipeppers, thyme and corn.

July 27

Sprayed BT in NR. Harvested cherry tomatoes. Planted lettuce and spinach. Rearranged curing garlic. Harvested tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash at OG.

July 26

Canned tomatoes. Harvested raspberries, summer squash, broccoli, and cucumbers in NR.

July 25

Harvested raspberries, blueberries in NR. tomatoes at H and OG. Transplanted painted daisies. Froze cherry tomatoes, roasted squash & eggplant.

July 24

Harvested tomatoes at H and OG. Eggplants and a unripe melon at OG. Dug up painted daisies. Canned tomatoes.

July 23

Harvested cucumbers, summer squash, cherry tomatoes and blueberries in NR. Watered. Harvested peppers, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and summmer squash in OG.

July 22

Harvested cucumbers in NR. Watered. Planted beets and spinach. Cut out old raspberry canes. Froze cherry tomatoes.

July 21

Harvested summer squash, cherry tomatoes, blueberries in NR. Planted replacement trees: apricot, intrepid and contentor peaches. Watered. Curing garlic remixed. Started crock of sliced cucumbers to ferment.

July 20

Harvested cucumbers, summer squash, mini-peppers, eggplants and first substantial tomato harvest in OG. Sprayed BT. Transplanted last 6 cauliflower plants. Cut out old raspberry canes.

July 19

Harvested kale, cucumbers, basil, thyme in OG. Sprayed BT. Transplanted broccoli and cauliflower plants. Squirrels caught in blueberry cover at H. Froze kale.

July 18

Harvested cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and a few berries in OG.

July 17

Harvested cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries and summer squash in NR. Harvested germain red (68) and siberian (42) garlic.

July 16

Harvested cherry tomatoes and summer squash i NR. Watered and weeded and mulched. Updated landscape fabric by Honeycrisp apple and cherries.

July 15

Harvested kale. Sprayed BT. Watered and weeded and mulched. Dug up dead PF24C peach and last russian almond.

July 14

Picked bugs in NR. Harvested Bogatyr (75), Music (22) and Metechi (58) garlic in NR. Also squash, raspberries, peas, currents and blueberries. Froze currnts. Watered. Dug up dead contender peach.

July 13

Harvested tomatoes, squash, eggplant, cucumbers, raspberries at OG. Blueberries and tomatoes at H.

July 12

Watered at OG. Harvested squash, tomatoes, cucumbers at OG.

July 11

Watered at OG.

July 10

Watered and weeded in NR. Harvested a few berries. Picked bugs. Harvested cucumbers, squash, raspberries, eggplant, tomatoes, and a few peas in OG.

July 9

Harvested summer squash, peas, cauliflower, currents, blueberries and strawberries in NR. Picked bugs. Watered.

July 8

Harvested and froze blueberries at H. Picked a few berries and cherries in NR.

July 7

Harvested raspberries, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, summer squash, a cucumber and basil at OG. Weeded. Mulched and weeded at H.

July 6

Picked bugs in NR (not many) and harvested peas.

July 5

Weeded and pruned in OG. Removed one cherry tree. Harvested red cabbage, raspberries and red minipepper and a few peas.

July 4

Weeded and pruned in OG. Harvested first cucumber, summer squash, and red minipepper and a few cherry tomatoes.

July 3

Weeded at home and harvested blueberries. Froze raspberries.

July 2

Harvested raspberries, a couple eggplant, a few cherry tomatoes and snap peas in OG. Weeded and pruned.

July 1

Weeded in NR, picked bugs, spread multch. Harvested 11 heads of broccoli and froze them. Hot wave expected for several more days.

June 30

Weeded in NR, picked bugs, cut garlic scapes. Noted contender peach tree is dead but cranberries are blooming. It's hot!. Harvested one head of broccoli.

June 29

Weeded and watered in NR, harvested misc berries. Sprayed pyrethrin.

June 28

Weeded at OG. Harvested kale, raspberries, swiss chard, a graffiti cauliflower, a cherry tomato and tomato at OG. Sprayed pyrethrin due to grasshoppers and new cole worms. Froze raspberries and kale.

June 27

Harvested a few cherry tomatoes at OG. Weeded and mulched. Thinned fall cole seedlings.

June 26

Harvested raspberries, snap peas, and a few cherry tomatoes at OG. Watering trees at home.

June 24

Harvested raspberries, snap peas, and a few cherry tomatoes at OG.

June 23

Harvested strawberries in NR; froze some. Drying rosemary and basil at H. Weeded at OG.

June 22

Harvested strawberries, cherries, raspberries, peas, basil and cherry tomatoes at OG. Froze raspberries. Harvested and froze kale in NR. Picked pests and watered.

June 21

Harvested first blueberries at H. Harvested strawberries and garlic scapes in NR. Picked pests. Watered. Froze strawberries.

June 20

Harvested raspberries, strawberries, peas and a few cherry tomatoes at OG. Sprayed neem on pumpkin and summer squash at OG and almond and peach at H. First sungold tomatoes at H.

June 19

Weeded at OG. harvested kale and swiss chard. Froze strawberries.

June 18

Harvested strawberries, peas and first indigo tomatoes & raspberries at OG. Watered.

June 17

Harvested strawberries and asparagus. Sprayed neem on currants and columar apples. Picked pests. Cut garlic scapes. Froze strawberries.

June 16

Harvested kale. Weeded, watered & mulched. Picked pests. Thinned apples and plums. Cut out tent caterpillers. Put down landscape fabric in barn garden.

June 15

Harvested asparagus and strawberries. Weeded, watered & mulched. transplanted basil and parsley. Planted beets, pinto and white beans. Picked pests. Froze strawberries.

June 14

Watered new asparagus crowns et al. Weeded & mulched. Replaced some landscape fabric. Hand pucked rose chafers and potato beetles. 2011 Garden Blog]

June 13

Harvested strawberries, snap peas, and swiss chard in OG. Planted asparagus crowns in NR.

June 12

Weeded at H. Transplanted parsley. Pruned tomatoes, grapes and raspberries at OG. Harvested radishes. Froze basil.

June 11

Sprayed nematodes at H. Thinned and OFM trimmed peaches. Sprayed BT at OG. Harvested kale, strawberries and basil. Planted dry pole beans in 3 sister portion. Weeded & mulched. Started fall cole crops (3 ea), caulifower (graffiti, snow, panther, flame, broccoli: Green magic, arcadia.

June 10

Harvested asparagus in NR. Hand picked potato beetles. Watered. Sprayed neem on currants and columar apples, BT on cole crops.

June 9

Harvested kale, rhubarb, asparagus and a couple strawberries in NR. Mulched & weeded. Froze rhubarb, kale and asparagus. Hand picked potato beetles.

June 8

Transplanted late broccoli and cauliflower in NR. Put down landscape fabric. Tended blueberries cuttings. Harvested a bit of kale and first NR strawberry. Harvested strawberries in OG.

June 7

Watered, weeded, mulched at OG. Planted a row of carrots and beets.

June 6

Watered, weeded, mulched at OG. Filled in corn. Moved some summer squash.

June 5

Harvested spainach, kale and strawberries in OG. Watered, weeded, mulched. Froze kale, spinach and strawberries.

June 4

Weeded and watered in OG

June 3

Harvested asparagus in NR. Harvested ~9 pints of strawberries in OG and transplanted sweet potatoes. Thinned peaches and trimmed OFM damaged branches.

June 2

Harvested asparagus in NR.

June 1

Harvested asparagus in NR. Sprayed nematodes. Weeded, chipped and mulched. Harvested 9 pints of strawberries in OG.

May 31

Harvested asparagus in NR. Transplanted cucumbers and melons. Started cuttings from NR blueberries. Put down landscape fabric for apple tree bench and old blackberry bed. Planted Kakai pumpkins.

May 30

Harvested asparagus and kale in NR and 6.5 pints of strawberries at OG. Garden cleanup in NR.

May 29

Harvested spinach, kale, lettuce, strawberries in OG. Prepared 3 beds and put up cucumber trellises. Started SFP blueberry cuttings.

May 28

Harvested spinach and cilantro at H. Started basil for NR. Took rosemary cuttings.

May 27

Harvested spinach and asparagus in NR. Planted summer squash, cinnamon pumpkins, black beans and kidney beans. Weeded and watered.

May 26

Harvested asparagus in NR. Transplanted tomatoes. Planted pole beans. Weeded. Put up fencing. First attempt at removing blackberries.

May 25

Put down landscape fabric at OG. Harvested spinach, kale and rhubarb. Froze rhubarb.

May 24

Took up landscape fabric at OG and put some down.

May 23

Took up landscape fabric under tomatoes at OG.

May 21

Prepared bed at OG and planted summer squash. Harvested oregano. Put up more tomato cages at OG. Froze spinach. Drying basil and oregano

May 20

Prepared beds at OG. Redirevted grape branches blown off the trellises. Planted 10 beds of sweet corn. Harvested spinach (4.5 gal bags), kale, basil, beet greens from thinning, and basil. Weeded a bit too. Put up more tomato cages at OG and H.

May 19

Planted thyme at H.

May 18

Harvested asparagus. Planted Adirondack Red, Lehigh and Superior potatoes in NR

May 17

Froze spinach and asparagus. Hardening off tomatoes for NR.

May 16

Planted Molly Magic, Salem, Adirondack Red, Rose Apple Finn, and Yellow Russian banana potatoes in NR Harvested 4 beds of overwintered spinach (9 gal bags).

May 15

Transplanted painted daisy, marigold and lavender into bed by house in NR. Transpalnted 2 trays of cole crops. Harvested a bit more asparagus. Planted Red Maria potatoes.

May 14

Flame weeded at OG. Dug up painted daisies and washed roots bare. Harvested asparagus in NR and cut seed potato.

May 13

Transplanted cucumbers, cantelope and wateremlon. Started fall caulifower: grafitti (6), flame (6) and broccoli: green mountain (6) and acadia (6).

May 12

Transplanted thyme, margoram, chamomile, basil, eggplants and peppers. Weeded and broadforked 2 beds.

May 11

Finished preparing 4 beds and began covering them with landscape fabric.

May 10

Weeded in OG and broad forked 3 beds.

May 9

Weeded in OG and broad forked a bed. Put out eggplant, spices for OG and cole crops NR out for hardening off.

May 8

Transplanted 4 trays of tomatoes, 2 trays of cole crops and celery at OG. Started cucumbers (9), melons (10), and watermelon (6) seedlings for NR.

May 7

Harvested asparagus in NR.

May 6

Putting down landscape fabric around reliance peach in NR. Planted lettuce, beets and swiss chard. Harvested spinach in OG and NR.

May 5

Planted potatoes and 3 trays of cole seedlings.

May 4

Putting down landscape paths in NR. Preparing beds. Transplanted 2 trays of onion seedlings.

May 3

Weeded at OG. Watered later. Watered desperate plants at H. Cut seed potato for NR.

May 2

Watered at OG.

May 1

Repotted peppers for OG. Finished cutting 1 ft piece off weed barrier. Hardening off remaining OG tomatoes and celery.

April 30

Planted 4 tomatoes at H and 12 at OG. Brought eggplants back inside.

April 29

Garden cleanup in OG. Harvested spinach.

April 28

Bit of garden cleanup in NR. Transplanted a tray of cole crops in OG in gusty wind. Put up a makeshift windscreen.

April 27

Transplanted 2 trays of onions in NR. Planted peas. Moved 4 blueberry sprouts. Moved Rhubarb. Thinned and transplanted strawberries. Dug up 3 honeyberries and 3 currants. Starting chitting the seed potatoes.

April 26

Began hardening off more cole for NR. Weeded at OG and prepared a bed. Noted peas, lettuce, beets are starting to come up.

April 24

Weeded at OG and prepared a bed. Began hardening off broccoli and cauliflower for NR.

April 23

Began hardening off kale and cabbage. Started cantelope (15) watermelon (9) and cucumber (9) for OG.

April 22

Repotted early tomatoes. Began hardening off early tomatoes and eggplant.

April 21

Transplanted 3 trays of onions in OG. Weeded and watered. Harvested spinach.

April 20

Broad forked 2 beds in OG. Weeded. Repotted rosemary.

April 19

Broad forked 2 beds in OG. Weeded. Repotted a few herbs.

April 18

Repotted early tomatoes for Valhalla. Thinned 2 trays of cole crops for NR.

April 16

Repotted tray of early tomatoes.

April 15

Planted 2 rows of swiss chard at OG. Thinned 3 trays of NR cole crops.

April 14

Planted 2 rows of carrots at OG.

April 13

Uncovered spinach, garlic and crannebrries in NR. Put Praying mantis egg cases in NR. Sprayed Neem on fruit trees at H and cane berries in OG. Planted a row of beets at OG.

April 12

Took markers to OG.

April 11

Repottted last seedling tray of crops stunted by bad soil. Planted peas, lettuce and radishes in OG.

April 10

Repottted 1 seedling tray of crops stunted by bad soil. Finished preparing beds and trellises for peas in OG. Thinned onions for NR.

April 9

Repottted 1 seedling tray of crops stunted by bad soil. Worked on preparing beds and trellises for peas in OG.

April 8

Repottted 2 seedling trays of cole crops stunted by bad soil. Harvested spinach at OG and dug up old lovage plants.

April 6

Put up bean trellises in NR. Garden cleanup. Froze garlic.

April 5

Built compost bin in NR.

April 4

Started for OG: basil (18), purple basil (6) and H: thyme (12). Reseeded parsley starts. Thinned and divided tomatoes.

April 2

Started cole crops for NR, BS red ball (6), LI, (6), Catskill (6), cabbage: bruns (15), red (9), kale: siberian (6) starbor (6).

April 1

Cut off old asparagus plants in NR. Thinned and transplanted strawberries.

March 30

Transplanted small number of spinach plants at H. Started broccoli GM (18) and cauliflower: flame (6), graffiti (6) Snow (6) for NR.

March 28

Moved blueberry sprigs to potting soil (no roots in sight). Set sweet potato root in water. Thinned early tomatoes. Prepared bed in OG. Transplanted spinach and filled in spinach in OG.

March 24

Canned and froze the last 2017 potatoes!

March 23

Canned potatoes.

March 22

Started onions for NR: AC (72). Thinned cole seedlings.

March 21

Started onions for NR: Red (72).

March 19

Started eggplat for OG: Galine (12). Moved spinach to hardening box.

March 18

Started Tomatoes for OG: SH (18) Mountain Magic (6) and Lunchbox peppers: Red (5) Yellow (4)

March 16

Froze onions.

March 15

Froze lots of potatoes.

March 14

Froze lots of potatoes.

March 11

Cleanup at OG & mapped beds. Harvested a bit of over wintered spinach. Started OG cherry tomatoes: sungold (3), indigo (3) yellow (3) chocolate (1) white (1) tomatoberry (1), sweet 100 (2) baby boomer (1) and tomatoes: defiance (6).

March 7

Started celery (6), marjorim (6), chamomile(6), lavender (12), cumin (12), and marigold (12) for OG.

March 6

Cleanup in OG.

March 5

Started for OG: Brussel sprouts Red Ball (6) and Long Island (6) Celery (6)

March 4

Thinned onions and spinach. Started for OG: Cauliflower Flame (6) and Graffiti (6) Red cabbage (6) Green cabbage (6) kale Siberian (6) and Starbor (6).

February 28

Took pea trellises to OG. Cleanup and overwintered spinach transplanting to two beds.

February 27

Froze 2Bkd potatoes.

February 26

Sprayed Neemin OG and H. Froze 2Bkd potatoes.

February 24

Set out Praying Mantis egg cases in OG (9) and H (5).

February 21

Weeded in OG. Set up hardening off box at H.

February 17

Thinned strawberrries in OG.

February 16

Started GN spinach (72 OG) -- fill-in for over winter. Started onions for OG: AC (72), Red (36).

February 15

Thinned strawberries and transplanted some at OG. Started Goliath spinach (72 OG) -- fill-in for over winter.

February 14

Thinned strawberries and transplanted some at OG. Froze twice baked potatoes.

February 13

Fertilized perenials at H.

February 1

Pruned trees and blueberries at H and grapes at OG

January 27

Froze potatoes. Pruned in NR

January 26

Froze potatoes and pruned in NR. Fertilized most perenials (forgot the asparagus).

January 24

Pruned and garden cleanup at OG.

January 20

Froze potatoes. Pruned large fruit trees and sprayed neem in NR.

January 19

Froze potatoes and garlic.