Getting to Sunfish Pond

Several trails lead to the pond. An easy to describe approach is to follow the Appalachian trail north from where it crosses the Delaware river on Route 80. It is a pretty good hike so you need to plan ahead to allow several hours and bring water/food and protection against sudden rain/cold. Maps are sometimes available at the trailheads, and may be obtained on-line.

I also have created

Cliff's map of hiking routes near Sunfish Pond

based on GPS data taken during the hikes. I then overlaid that data onto USGS topographic maps provided by Rutgers Topo Map Depot: and Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access:

Some Trailheads

Dunfield Creek/Appalachian Trailhead (40.9716, -75.1257)

Douglas Trailhead (41.0128, -75.0823)

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