Materials for Cliff's
Fractals, Visualization and J,
2nd Edition

Table of Contents
Errata as of August 24, 2000

3rd Edition

Is now available. See [FVJ3]


· for users of J504 with Image3. fvj2_readme_504.txt
· for users of J501. fvj2_readme_.txt


· materials (Designed for J5.04 with the Image3, 0.65M; this includes automata.ijs)

· materials (Designed for J5.01b, 1.4M)

· Updated materials (Scripts and labs designed for J5.01b, no images, 32k)

· outdated materials (Designed for J4.05, 1.4M)

· very outdated scripts (Designed for the first edition of the text and J3.03)

Animations Created in the Text

· Animation of the Menger Sponge

· Animation of an iterated function system with [5,7]+ hyperbolic symmetry on the upper hyperboloid

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Cliff's J Materials