Auxilary Materials for Fuzzy Automata and Life
by Cliff Reiter

These materials are meant to supplement the manuscript Fuzzy Automata and Life. Fuzzy automata were studied in [1]. The fuzzy logic which they used for their experiments, and which we call Logic 1, were or1=min(1,x+y) & and=*. Here we show those automata on a random window in a fuzzy background. We also look at an animation of the evolution of the fuzzy Game of Life based upon our Logic 5: or5=gcd and and5=lcm.
60k Automata from Logic 1 (ordered with first bit low)

Automata from Logic 1 (ordered with first bit high)

6k Animation of Fuzzy Life using Logic 5

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  • G. Cattaneo, P. Flocchini, G. Mauri, C. Quaranta Vogliotti, and N. Santoro: Cellular automata in fuzzy backgrounds. Physica D, 105 pp 105-120, 1997.

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