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Updated December, 2016

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The Joy of SET: The Many Mathematical Dimensions of a Seemingly Simple Card Game (with Liz McMahon, Hannah Gordon and Rebecca Gordon) - published November 2016. This book pulls together lots of math about the card game SET, and writing it was a very enjoyable family project.

Matroids: A Geometric Introduction (with J. McNulty) - published Aug. 2012. This is a gentle introduction to matroid theory, written jointly with Jenny McNulty of U. Montana. Please send comments, corrections, and compliments.

Matroid Book

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(with E. McMahon) "Non-matroidal generalizations of the Tutte polynomial," submitted as a chapter in Tutte Polynomial Handbook, CRC Press.

"Matroid Representations," submitted as a chapter in A Short Course in Matroid Theory, MAA Press.


* undergraduate co-author.
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